Economic incentives

Economic incentives

SLC Issue:

Total circulation: 1,000,000,000 SLC (1 billion pieces)

Distribution method: The points of the DAO sales alliance (SL) and the hyperlink network master pass (SLC) can be converted 1:1.

Conditions for the launch of the conversion function: when the number of participants in the DAO sales alliance (SL) reaches the preset number (the earliest time)~when the preset bonus points have been distributed (the latest time) (the corresponding data has been stored on the chain and can be queried and checked in the blockchain browser)

Originating node: 2%, gradually released according to the first point exchange quantity

Point exchange and issuance: 98%. See the point rules of the DAO Sales Alliance (SL) for point issuance. The point calculation method is based on the bank's daily data and the issuance coefficient of the day. The relevant data is stored in the chain.

Three public accounts of the hyperlink network:

Initial account: It is responsible for transferring SLC to the corresponding address according to the corresponding rules during the first point conversion. Until all SLCs are transferred, the address will automatically become a black hole address for destroying other types of certificates.

GAS FEE public account: transfer from the initial address to an SLC at the beginning for on chain bookkeeping GAS FEE payment.

SLC public circular issuance account: All the income from the hyperlink network GAS FEE is transferred to this address, and after the initial account becomes a black hole account, it becomes a public account for circular issuance.