Ecological introduction

Ecological introduction

A decentralized and open ecology of mutual trust, which builds a trusted resource database based on the technology of super chain network and achieves self-development according to the rules of ecological economic governance.

As a new economic ecology, it has the ecological characteristics of positive circulation, self reinforcement and self growth. Both members' participation brings about the continuous enrichment of trusted resources, and trusted resources bring about more members' participation.

Realizing trust less cooperation, that is, cooperation not based on trust, is the ultimate goal of minimizing the cost of cooperation friction.

In commercial activities, from ancient times to the present, they are moving towards the direction of "reducing fraud, reducing friction, and sharing trust and cooperation". In modern commercial society, law is the minimum standard for commercial activities. In fact, business activities can go further towards "trust and cooperation". Smart contract is just such a product. No matter it is an ordinary contract between partners, or the cooperation rules between strangers, or even the cooperation of large institutions or the whole people, it can cooperate in good faith in the form of smart contract.

Technical Basis:

Organizational Basis:

DAO, Decentralized Autonomous Organization

Based on the technical social contract, DAO generates a new type of organization, which is a loose coupling organization form in which unfamiliar members freely combine according to the transaction technology contract to carry out social cooperation for specific goals.

SalesLeague is a virtual association that allocates alliance resources according to the contribution of alliance members (partners for short) to the alliance. It is also the only DAO that specializes in serving the sales link.

The super chain ecology is composed of multiple DAOs, which are classified according to the basic business links (product/logistics/sales).

Application composition:

SLConsole APP is a permanently free public and private domain resource bridge access port and platform, through which you can efficiently share, find, use, and manage trusted and secure public resources in the ecosystem and private resources shared by other members. Its main functions include equity management, point management, smart contract management, data chain storage, community collaboration, etc.

SL Values:

The key to success: We firmly believe that fair benefit distribution rules are the key to the success of the alliance

Basis of cooperation: We believe that openness and transparency of information and rules are the basis of mutual trust network

The principle of consistency of interests: we believe that the consistency of interests of ecological members and the fair supervision with the participation of the whole people can continuously maintain the integrity of the ecology

Sharing success: we believe that people who contribute to the ecology should share success