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Making Collaboration Simple and Pure
Resource selection, standard processes, value networking, and public trust regeneration.

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SUPERLINK: A super accelerator that connects resources. Enable users to connect corresponding resources faster according to their needs, while improving connection efficiency and reducing overall comprehensive costs.

The three elements of accelerating resource exchange:

Resource ownership and credibility evaluation: Determine resource ownership, and the corresponding proof materials will be permanently archived and recorded. Data cannot be tampered with through SLChain; Allow multiple third parties to evaluate and generate the credibility of the resource from four dimensions (accuracy, reliability, impartiality, and completeness). These records and corresponding materials will also be permanently stored on SLChain as an integral part of the resource.

Fair value determination: Fair value refers to the price at which a resource can be traded fairly and reasonably in the market. The determination of fair value needs to be evaluated based on market activities, the behavior of market participants, and relevant market data. In the exchange of non-monetary assets, the determination of fair value can help both parties understand the value of the exchanged resources, thereby making better decisions and evaluating the benefits of the transaction.

Contract process efficiency and security: Technical means are used to ensure the authenticity, legality, and relevance of evidence. The SL contract system consists of electronic contracts (with the same legal effect as offline contracts) and smart contracts (based on SLChain), which can meet the needs of the vast majority of scenarios. Standardized contracts and processes greatly reduce the occurrence of fraudulent behavior, while ensuring asset security and improving transaction efficiency.

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Infrastructure construction

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As an infrastructure of Web3, we are in an era of transition from centralized internet (Web 2.0) to decentralized Web3. SLChain is the technical foundation for data storage and smart contracts.

  • Distributed ledger
  • Consensus mechanism
  • cryptography
  • Smart contracts
  • Tongzheng
  • DEX
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Intermediate pricing tool

Resource exchange requires a mutually recognized intermediate pricing tool, a frictionless trading intermediary, and low fee, real-time resource exchange. Making barter transactions easier.

  • Free Creation
  • fair value
  • Free distribution
  • Free Destruction
  • National participation
  • Stay robust
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Public and private domain resource bridge access ports and platforms allow you to efficiently share, search, use, and manage trusted and secure public resources in the ecosystem, as well as private resources shared by other members.

  • project management
  • Integral system
  • Contract Management
  • Data chain storage certificate
  • Community collaboration
  • Membership benefits

Ecological construction goals

Through internet technology and digital means, all resources, information, personnel, and processes are highly integrated, forming an efficient market ecosystem.

Build a contract based virtual community with the goal of trust less cooperation.

Standard process

Smart contracts

A smart contract is a computer trading protocol that executes contract terms.
A smart contract is a set of commitments defined in numerical form, including protocols on which contract participants can execute these commitments.
The numerical form means that the contract must be written in computer readable code. The rights and obligations established by a smart contract are executed by a computer or computer network.
All users on the blockchain can see blockchain based smart contracts.

Value Networking


A token is an equity certificate that exists in digital form, representing a right, an inherent and inherent value.
A pass can represent all digital proof of rights and interests, from ID cards to academic diplomas, from currency to bills, from stocks to bonds, accounts, ownership, qualifications, certificates, and other proof of all human rights and interests in society, all of which can be represented by a pass.
To achieve network-based automated contract collaboration, the most important thing is to quantify all "value" into the system - "token based" is an ideal approach.

Collaborative organization


Decentralized Autonomous Organization
DAO is a new type of organization based on technological social contracts, which is a loosely coupled organizational form where unfamiliar members freely combine according to transaction technology contracts and collaborate socially for specific goals. It achieves efficient allocation of capital through distributed networks and solves the problem of information asymmetry. At the same time, a credit system that goes beyond simple acquaintance relationships can be established through consensus mechanisms, enabling the formation of a new economic model centered on sharing,


Hyperchain network

Bitcoin: A peer-to-peer electronic cash system that fully tests the feasibility and security of blockchain technology.

Ethereum: Based on Bitcoin, establish an open source public blockchain platform with smart contract functionality, providing decentralized Ethereum Virtual Machine to handle peer-to-peer contracts. Greatly improving the applicability of blockchain.

However, human life cannot be separated from real social resources, and its connection with the real economic system is very important.

Hypernetwork: A trusted resource system infrastructure that is borderless, has consistent interests, and can collaborate and serve billions of people worldwide, built on the rules of the real economic system.

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Hyperchain network technology capabilities

Hyperchain network is a blockchain network based on virtual machine technology, which runs decentralized dApps through smart contracts and is the basic platform for Web3.0 operation.

Distributed ledger

Save a consistent set of data by all access nodes together
Transparent and open access to ledger data for anyone
It plays a role in data consistency in blockchain

Consensus Mechanism (POA)

The ecological game rules play a role in coordinating the behavior of nodes and clarifying the role of data processing in blockchain.


Generate user private keys and transaction data through asymmetric encryption
No need to register or authenticate through an 'authoritative organization'
Can ensure data security and verify data ownership

Smart contracts

Smart contracts not only define protocol rules and penalties in the same way as traditional contracts, but also automatically execute these obligations, playing a role in data execution and application in blockchain


A token is an equity certificate that exists in digital form, representing a right, an inherent and inherent value.


Decentralized exchange, DEX does not require identity proof and is used for completely anonymous operations. Typically, DEX only interacts with the blockchain that builds it.

Hyperchain web browser

Data Visualization and Statistics of Hyperchain Networks and Overview of Network Operation Status
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Blockchain BrowserTransparent query of data ledger

Query block height data, transaction data, and token data through the blockchain browser, and audit the operational status of smart contracts through the data.

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Network state diagramOperation status and block out status of access nodes

POA node operation status: name, IP, service online duration, node hash value, computing power, synchronization delay, etc

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Certificate storage queryNon Chain Data Audit

By generating any historical data into a JSON format file and sending transactions, a certificate of deposit is achieved. The browser provides one-way verification.

To make collaboration easy and simple


Standard process

Consensus on standardized/digital allocation processes in different fields/industries

Rules for the distribution of cooperative benefits (standardization/digitization)
Implementing peer-to-peer (P2P) cooperation through smart contracts,
Efficiency: Both parties need to provide collateral to ensure performance.
Trusted: Based on the daily data of authoritative institutions such as banks, the online certificate storage cannot be tampered with
Wealth Amplifier: Discounting Future Returns

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Value Networking

The era of fully entering the value internet from the information internet requires an open public chain like SLChain.

SLR (SUPERLINK Reward): It is a digital product of the contribution of Super Link (SL), calculated only based on actual bank transaction data and has a unique and determined result.
SLC (SUPERLINK Coin): Its main function is to trade GAS fees, verify the collateral of nodes in the main network to ensure network security, provide security verification for heterogeneous network access to the main network, and also serve as a voting right for network development.
Value Points (CT/UT/ET...): The valuation and settlement tool for the fair value of resources in the process of resource exchange, which is linked to the corresponding legal currency value.
General Tokens: They have a wide range of uses and can replace any digital asset with separable value.
NFT: It is an inseparable value chain, which can be simply understood as a digital certificate that can be widely used in fields such as copyright and real estate.

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