The management attitude of "inaction" derived from the Oriental philosophy "Tao Te Ching", the super chain ecological Tao - "balance", and the use of code to achieve the fairness of rules.

Efficiency first, safety second, decentralization third

The principle of the evolution of eco technology solutions is to gradually realize the decentralization of management based on the automation of contract execution under the condition that the efficiency/security are basically complete.

Cognition of value base and distribution

In the future, everyone will be an independent economy, and every "value creator" should not be ignored. The world will always be changed by some great innovations.

Value contribution replaces calculation power contribution

The purpose of replacing the contribution of computing power with the actual value contribution is to eliminate monopoly.

1. Each participant can participate at a very low cost and can freely choose different feedback methods.
2. Eliminate the advantages brought by capital and technology, let all people participate fairly, and reduce the possible monopoly risk.
3. The total amount is fixed, no increase, no decrease. The circular issuance is realized through GAS FEE to ensure the contribution reward of participants.

Dual standard system of real assets+credit

1. Anchor the underlying value according to the actual asset price held by the DAO Sales Alliance (SL) and the unlimited repurchase rule.
2. It is connected with the real economy, making it easier for the public to understand and understand the standard assets of the super chain network, and stimulating enthusiasm for participation.

Decentralization of sustainable self evolution

1. The only constant in the world is change. In order to adapt to constant change, the ecology must have the ability of sustainable self evolution.
2. The Tao follows nature, and uses simple logic that conforms to common sense - to make decentralization bring more benefits to all participants than centralization, which is the Tao of realizing sustainable self evolution through super chain networks.
3. Avoid excessive concentration of standard assets or possible monopoly caused by certain advantages (including but not limited to capital and technology advantages) in the way of obtaining standard assets, which will affect the healthy development of the super chain network.
4. The hyperlink network itself needs sufficient efficiency to complete the application landing and avoid the application being hijacked by the centralized organization when landing. Give priority to efficiency and gradually realize true decentralization on the basis of ensuring safety.