Great Health Industry Alliance

Great Health Industry Alliance

Virtual association organization focusing on health industry, realizing resource sharing and jointly building cooperative ecology
It adopts the general member system of super chain ecology, a unified member margin system, and a third-party bank (China Merchants Bank) margin supervision account.

Mission: bring a healthy and good life
Vision: Empower human health management with technology.
Based on the ancient Chinese medicine theory of "One Qi Circulates, Five Movements and Six Qi", we will achieve a peaceful and healthy human body.

Through the margin system of the super chain network, we initially screened potential partners to improve the operational efficiency
1. The deposit supervision account and software interface of the authoritative institution (China Merchants Bank) are maintained in a unified way to relieve your worries;
2. The unified template of the security deposit system, the security deposit locking cycle is 90 days from the time of payment, and the security deposit can be automatically returned in the original way within 90 to 180 days. The security deposit and the extension of partner's identity and authority can be realized by refunding the security deposit and paying the security deposit again;
3. The margin payment page can be customized to provide endorsement for the partner's self built cooperation system, enhance credibility, endorse, and maintain in a unified way, so as to remove your worries at the back and automate the return process of the margin system.

Alliance membership fee

Pay by service, and membership fee is the basis for the good operation of the alliance;

Product guarantee system

Product quality risk deposit:
Connect with insurance companies to provide product insurance services:
PICC, People's Insurance of China.

Traffic/spokesperson cooperation resources Reasonable matching and preferential charges. 1. Local official account, Tiktok account;
2. All media
Spokesperson: match according to needs

Product planning/packaging resource integration
Improve efficiency, provide low-cost common services, and also provide personalized customization services.

Connect scientific research institutions and relevant industry associations


Shaoxing Nanhai Kangcheng Biotechnology Co., Ltd
Professor Jiang Guohui: Professor and doctoral supervisor of Qingdao University School of Pharmacy. In 1994, he was awarded the medical doctor of the Chinese Academy of Medical Sciences and the Peking Union Medical College. He worked in Peking Union Medical College Hospital for nearly ten years, and engaged in pharmacology, toxicology research and new drug development in the United States for nearly ten years. As the project leader, he has successively presided over several pharmacokinetic research projects of recombinant protein drugs. The project of using nuclear technology to research effective ingredients of new and special Chinese herbal medicines, which he presided over, has won support from the National Natural Science Foundation of China and the National Key Discipline Program Fund for many times, published more than 40 academic papers at home and abroad, published three professional academic works, participated in more than 30 international academic exchanges, and has rich experience in pharmacology, toxicology, molecular biology, and new drug research and development.
In November 2021, he was elected as a foreign academician of the Russian Academy of Natural Sciences
Product: "Lishen Ziben" Cordyceps Plain Wine

Ancient Chinese Medicine

Xize Traditional Chinese Medicine Tang Zhi:The name of Xize comes from the Inner Canon Suwen Xuanjie. Xize is a good person, and is often seen in the form of stars. Xize's traditional Chinese medicine believes that a dragon can control water without drought. Follow the therapeutic strategies of the four saints of the Yellow Emperor, Qibo, Bianque and Zhongjing. TCM treatment of diseases is to measure the harmony between human beings and the world from the perspective of qi, correct the bias of qi of diseases through the bias of drugs, so as to synchronize the qi of the world, and achieve a peaceful and healthy human body.
Find and hear the great hermit "Ming Shi" at the foot of Wu Mountain in Hangzhou. Follow the good work of Zhong Jing and the teachings of Yuan Yu, and study hard and have deep achievements. The Internal Canon must be understood, and the law must be the middle view. It respects the ancient and worships the saints, and integrates the great achievements of the art. It uses the theory of "one breath circulates around, five movements and six qi" to enlighten the later studies, and the spring breeze turns into rain. The "wise master" is a disciple of the four sages. With reference to his own experience in the diagnosis and treatment of typhoid fever, he has achieved great success by following the purpose of Zhongjing. He interprets the text by writing, and transmits profound medical theories, analysis and evolution to future generations.
Physiotherapy: Painless Bian Method
Healthy product, same source of medicine and food:
Qinghe Pill: Adhering to the simple and natural food culture, it can boost your body by combining natural ingredients with different natures and tastes. Qinghe Pill is different from most sesame balls on the market. Its taste and function direction are different. As long as you keep it ready, you can rest assured of what to eat.
Suitable for:
1. Middle aged and elderly people with obstinate constipation
2. A colorless woman
3. Dysmenorrhea group
4. Children who are under great pressure to prepare for exams
5. Business travelers who travel frequently
6. Programmers who stay up late and work overtime, leading to baldness and baldness

Nutrition pipeline

Focusing on the international cutting-edge innovation target (LSD1/2) in the field of epigenetics, we take the lead in the layout of FIRST-IN-CLASS and BEST-IN-CLASS drugs, aiming to build a comprehensive innovation and risk balanced drug product research and development pipeline.
At the beginning of 2020, the company and Harvard's joint laboratory developed a new generation of NAD+dietary supplement: AOSWAR NMN 18000 MIX PRO, which is injected into the research achievements of Harvard's laboratory. With its cutting-edge innovative formula (NMN+NR+BIIG MIX synergistic component), the company achieved standards and complete official certification (FDA, cGMP, CCOF, GLOBAL FREE SALE RECOGNITION, etc.)
Optimize management technology through three core cell systems of the product:
1. Cell NAD+targeted flash charging technology
2. Steady state control technology of cellular NAD+level
3. BIIG MIX cutting-edge innovation and efficiency enhancing component
Through cell empowerment, optimize the human cell system, awaken your "life vitality", and comprehensively improve the human body's state (improve sleep, slow down degenerative diseases caused by age, enhance immunity, enhance energy, and improve sub health indicators such as "three highs", so that the body presents an unprecedented young state)
Help you find your passion and confidence in life, and support you to create more possibilities for a better life in your limited life!

Regenerative Medicine Technology (Hangzhou) Co., Ltd
For health management, the most effective way is to change living habits, that is, "keep your mouth shut and your legs open". But for most people, changing living habits is anti human. Therefore, XREGEN aims to improve people's health without changing their living habits through cutting-edge science.
5 dietary supplements:
Highly effective uric acid reduction: plant extract formula, based on the socialized clinical effective rate of 300 people, is more than 90%, and uric acid decreases by 50-200 per month;
NAD+precursor (NMN): molecular weight lower than 300, more conducive to absorption. The delivery method smeared on the wrist avoids gastrointestinal decomposition;
Clearing senescent cells: selectively clearing senescent cells, which will stimulate the regeneration of new tissues after clearing, so as to achieve the purpose of anti-aging and longevity;
Children's elevation: compound plant extracts without hormones and drugs can increase the activity of endogenous growth hormone and insulin-like growth factor-1 receptor. Can be improved in 3 months
7% - 1 2% endogenous growth hormone, increase IGF-1 level by 5% - 10%
Removal of Helicobacter pylori: Helicobacter pylori is eliminated by non antibiotic, and it will be removed in 5-15 days according to the degree of infection

Medical pipeline

RHGH (recombinant human growth promoting hormone):Zhongshan Weiming Haiji Biomedical Co., Ltd., founded in 2004, is a genetic engineering biopharmaceutical enterprise with independent intellectual property rights and settled in the National Health Base of Torch District, Zhongshan City. Business scope: R&D, production and sales of gene recombinant products (recombinant human growth hormone for injection, rhGh) and research on biological products. It has an integrated production workshop and a new drug research and development center that meet the national GMP standards, and has mastered the core process technology. The products, from raw materials to final products, are independently produced by the company, covering the front and end of the industrial chain. Haiji emphasizes the development of focus and innovation, and has obtained the national first class new drug "recombinant human serum albumin" invention patent: the national second class new drug "recombinant human growth hormone for injection" new drug certificate, drug GMP certificate, drug production license, drug production approval, national high-tech enterprise and other certificates
"Vertical Diamond" Dendrobium candidum granules:Founded in 1986, Zhejiang Tianhuang Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. is a domestic high-tech enterprise engaged in the cultivation, research and development, production and sales of Dendrobium candidum, and also a domestic manufacturer of Dendrobium candidum products that has passed the national GAP and GMP certification. In the early 1990s, the company overcame the difficulty of artificial cultivation of Dendrobium officinale, a national rare and endangered medicinal material, filled the gap at home and abroad, and created a wild like GAP base for Dendrobium officinale. The company adheres to and advocates the wild imitating planting of Dendrobium officinale according to the original ecological law, taking stone as the substrate, ensuring a 6.5 year growth cycle, and maintaining its medicinal properties to the maximum extent. It has pioneered the establishment of a complete industrial chain from cell inoculation, tissue culture and seedling raising, field cultivation, herbal medicine processing, pharmaceutical processing, production and research and development, and pharmaceutical sales, and has established a whole process quality monitoring and management system to achieve the standardization, large-scale Industrialization and modernization play a role as a model for the entire Dendrobium industry. The company led the team to assist relevant departments in formulating the medical standards for "Dendrobium officinale" through technical breakthrough, which were included in the 2010 edition of the Chinese Pharmacopoeia. The company also undertakes national torch plan projects such as "Dendrobium officinale artificial cultivation and deep processing comprehensive utilization" and national modern Chinese medicine high-tech industrialization demonstration projects.
medical service Hangzhou Kangjiu Medical Investment Management Co., LtdFocusing on digital health care, we are committed to building "China's digital health care ecosystem". The company gathers medical service, elderly care service, chain management, IT and other elite talents, has high-quality professional medical and elderly care service teams and perfect service network channels, and has established more than 40 medical institutions and elderly care institutions nationwide, distributed in Hangzhou, Jiaxing, Ningbo, Quzhou, Jinhua, Zhoushan, Chengdu, Sichuan, Shizuishan, Ningxia and other places in Zhejiang.
The company has resource support from domestic and foreign investment institutions, including American investment funds such as Qiming Venture Capital, De Fengjie Venture Capital, Cybertron Investment (China), Cybertron Fund, Micromedicine Group, etc. Based on the mature operation mode of offline institutions, the company will integrate resources from all over the country and use Internet technology to connect medical and nursing service institutions across the country and become the industry leader.

Precision medicine

Bochuang Yingwei Pharmaceutical Technology (Zhejiang)
Focus on precise molecular diagnosis, gene detection and medical inspection services and personalized precise nutrition intervention programs. Provide tumor ultra early detection and personalized medical services, precision nutrition intervention programs and personalized medical services, and build a global precision detection and precision medical health management platform.
The core team is composed of first-class academicians, professors, scholars at home and abroad such as Harvard University, California Polytechnic University, National University of Singapore, Fudan University, and scientific and technological elites with rich R&D experience in international top pharmaceutical enterprises.

Zhejiang Protin Health Technology Co., Ltd
Founded in 2015, it is a high-tech enterprise focusing on providing single cell precision research solutions. The company is based on single cell research in the field of precision medicine, and applies technical research and innovation achievements to disease research and health management. The company integrates the world's leading single cell detection, protein dynamic detection, biological big data analysis and other technologies, and provides excellent solutions for precision medicine and health management through extensive cooperation in medical research, clinical diagnosis and treatment, and drug research and development.

Medical equipment

Aoradi Technology is committed to providing original breakthrough carbon nanotube cold cathode CNT-X ray source products, intelligent testing equipment and NDT solutions.
It can be widely used in medical examination, consumer electronics, intelligent manufacturing, security inspection, new energy, rail transit, power grid, aerospace, food safety, petrochemical, material analysis, automotive industry, marine equipment, nuclear industry, national defense industry and other fields.

Health care instrument

Modern medicine has shown that the accumulation of malignant free radicals in the body is an important factor to induce disease. The hydrogen provided by household hydrogen suction machine can resist inflammation and selectively neutralize malignant free radicals in the body. Free radical reactive oxygen species are considered to be the root cause of human aging and disease.
Hydrogen absorption, especially low concentration and safe hydrogen absorption, is an irreplaceable means in many cases, and hydrogen inhalation will also be one of the important medical and health means in the future.