Economic governance rules

Economic governance rules

The participants of the super chain ecology have the need to obtain resources and have their own resources to provide.

Their mutual cooperation needs to follow the principle of equivalent exchange and a mutually recognized intermediate pricing tool.

With the real world monetary economic system as a reference

Pricing tools

Kunlun Bank was kicked out of Swift system very early and prohibited from settling in US dollars. In this case, Kunlun Bank adopted the oldest way of barter.

Take the participation of Kunlun Bank in China Iraq transaction to provide channel services as an example.

In a narrow sense, blockchain is a distributed shared ledger and database, which is decentralized, tamper proof, traceable, collective maintenance, open and transparent. These characteristics ensure the "honesty and transparency" of the blockchain and lay the foundation for the blockchain to create trust.


Ideal standard assets:

Value and price of standard assets:




The fuel of SLChain is used to measure the computing and storage resources consumed by messages.

During transfer and smart contract execution, the hyperchain network will charge a certain amount of GAS FEE. Unlike other public chains, the GAS FEE of the hyperchain network will re-enter the issuance pool to encourage participants to make more contributions and the circular development of the economic ecology of the hyperchain network.

The only certificate for participating in the chain governance:

Obtain the corresponding voting rights through the number of SLC certificates held, and jointly make decisions on the governance and development of the hyperlink network.